From The Wood: Locally Produced Barbecue Charcoal

We are charcoal suppliers who offer From the Wood locally produced barbecue charcoal. Our main focus is sustainability and that’s why we source wood for our charcoal from woodland thinnings, coppicing and hedge laying waste. We use a retort kiln which is very efficient and creates premium grade charcoal with 100% of the wood pyrolysed with no ash or waste. So, if you are looking for locally produced barbecue charcoal, give us a call.


90% of charcoal sold in the UK is currently imported overseas. Much is sourced from tropical forests, damaging precious natural ecosystems which cannot be replaced. Our sustainable local production, using a retort kiln, conserve global resources and reduces the impact on the environment. Active management of coppice, native hedgerows and broadleaved woodlands benefit wildlife and ecology, creates local jobs and allows us this sustainable source of wood for our charcoal production. 

Easy to Light & Premium Quality

Our charcoal has a high carbon content and low moisture and therefore is easy to light without firelighters. Simply twist some small pieces of charcoal into paper and light. 

No Chemicals & Tastier Food

The charcoal we produce also has no chemical additives, so you have a healthier grilling experience and tastier food. If you are interested in the charcoal we have for sale, please contact us. 

“The best charcoal I have ever used. Barbecuing is a completely different experience. It lights beautifully and has a really steady burn. It also has a much nicer smell and taste effect than any other charcoal I’ve ever used. I’d highly recommend it to anyone.”

Jim Wood

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